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About the Book

An introduction to the thought process required to get filthy rich.
There is an easy way, and I will teach you that.

  • Outperform people even if they earn more than you.
  • Develop the psychology to be able to save way more.

You will feel stronger and more confident when you have a huge bank account.

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About the Author
Aditya Srivastava

Most people ask for bikes, cars, PlayStations, etc. for their 18th birthday. I asked for a demat account.

To make sure that I knew what I was doing, I did an intensive classroom course on Technical Analysis. Unfortunately, it did no good for me. Years later, I still had the same amount in my demat account as I had invested. It is a different matter that I was still happy at having accumulated that amount which I would have spent otherwise in any case.

This made me move to self-study and analysis, from where I undertook the following quests:

• Was presented the Go Global Award for “Top Placer, Media” by The International Trade Council

• Started writing answers on Quora to expand my knowledge. Today, my answers have close to 1 Million views and 1 thousand upvotes

• My small, but close-knit community on Telegram has over 3,000 members. I post every single day

• Cleared the Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination, conducted by National Institute of Securities Markets

• Cleared the Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination, conducted by National Institute of Securities Markets

• Completed the training and passed the examination for Point of Sales for all kinds of insurance, conducted by PolicyBazaar as notified by the IRDAI

• Completed courses from Koppr Academy on 1) Stock Markets, 2) Mutual Funds, and 3) Relationships & Finance

• Got certified by UrbanPro for Basics of Online Tutoring

• I have my podcasts listed on probably a dozen platforms

• Taken over 125 personal finance sessions for people from all walks of life.

It is sad for me to see people earning well for years and still not becoming rich. Not even retiring rich. I believe that the entire problem of finances can be eradicated if each family starts investing for barely 1-2 generations.

I am also convinced that it is surprisingly simple to understand how to create wealth over a lifetime. Saving and investing is hard only when we believe that it is for the rich. In reality, it is for people who want to become rich. “I will invest when I have a lot of money” is a very old thought. “I will invest and accumulate a lot of money” is required.

Be the investor you wish your parents were.

Through this book, I want to save you from the learning curve that took me years. If you could learn everything I learnt in almost a decade, by reading a single book, or by spending a few hours with me, why wouldn’t you do it?




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